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As you know that sometimes your transactions fail at the payment gateway or service provider end but money gets debited from your bank account. In such cases you have to wait for 5/7 business working days to get the amount back into your bank account which is not only time consuming but also tedious effort.
Now with your JRI Card life is simple, easy and hassle-free. Upon every failed transaction, money will now be stored in your JRI Card which you can either use to recharge again or choose to refund back to your Bank account. You could also use this money to recharge your mobile/DTH or Data Card by "Schedule a Recharge" service or via SMS (coming soon), IVR (coming soon) or Mobile app (coming soon).
How to top-up your JRI Card?
  Topping up your JRI Card for future use is easy and fast.
Sign in/ sign up into your “My Account” panel and select ‘JRI Card’ option.
Enter amount and Proceed to Pay.
Select the payment mode from the bouquet of payment options and money will be deducted from your bank account and stored securely on your JRI Card.
How to refund money added in my JRI Card back to my Bank account?
Select JRI Card option in your “My Account” section after you are logged in.
You will get all the details of your failed transactions with an option of “Refund to Bank” available against each unsuccessful transaction.
Clicking on the “Refund to Bank” option will send your refund request to our payment gateway service provider and you shall receive the money back into your account within 5/7 business working days.

Please note money topped up voluntarily on your JRI Card cannot be refunded and has to be utilized on recharges. Only money added to your JRI card on unsuccessful transactions can be refunded back to your bank account.


Payment Options

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Any Visa Debit Card (VBV)
  • Direct Bank Debits
  • Cash Cards
  • UPI
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